How to Install Sun Shade Sails with Metal Poles

The is a good video demonstrating the installation of Sun Shade Sails with metal poles.

In this case, Coolaroo shade sails were used, but this installation would work well for Phoenix sun shade sails, too.

To install your outdoor sun shade sails where you can easily and quickly take them down, see my page on Installing Our Shade Sails.

What I do recommend for any permanent or semi-permanent outdoor sun shade sail installation is that you take the time to plan your installation and hire professionals if you are uncertain.  Sun shade sails can last a long time, however improperly installed could cause damage to the sails rather quickly.

Below is the brand of sun shade sails we use. I can not recommend  Coolaroo shade sail installation simply because I have never used their product before.  The Phoenix Sun Shade Sails also come in triangle shapes in several sizes, and kits include hardware.

Phoenix 11.5′ Square Sun Shade Sail Complete Professional Kit Desert Sand Color

Phoenix Sun Sails SSH185SKS Square 11.5′ Per Side Desert Sand Color Sun Sail

Phoenix Shade Sails are a great addition to your home, office, or wherever you could use a shade zone. Phoenix Shade Sails provide UV protection from the sun, a cool place for children to play, or an outdoor shaded area for entertaining guests. Set up in a permanent installation or use for portable shade.

Each of our shade sails comes in two varieties: Home and Professional. (I used the Professional!) The home sails have a lighter weight material and use galvanized 6mm hardware. These sails are lighter and easier to install and are available at a more economical price point. The professional sails use a heavier material and 8mm Stainless Steel hardware. If your area of intended use is subject to strong winds or significant precipitation, you may want to consider the professional option.

All Phoenix Sun Sails come as complete kits including all necessary mounting hardware. The 11.5′ square sail kit includes the 11.5′ per side square sail, 2 turnbuckles, 2 carabiners, 4 pad eyes, 4 9′ lengths of rope, and 16 wood screws. The sail has 4 triangle rings, one sewn into each corner, which resist twisting or movement compared to D-rings. All mounting hardware and triangle rings are made from 8mm stainless steel.

The sail itself is constructed from a heavy duty 320g/m2 polyethylene weave material which resists mold and mildew and is easy to clean with simple soap and water. Unlike cloth or canvas materials, the polyethylene weave does not absorb water or humidity. This water resistance, together with built in UV protection, ensures Phoenix sun sails stand up to years of outdoor exposure.


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